Building Hope for Autism Awareness.
Join us in uniting hearts and fostering understanding, as we work together to create a world where every individual with autism is embraced and celebrated."
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Empowering journeys, changing narratives
Join us in building a world where autism thrives, not just survives.
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ABA Therapies

At The Autism Jewel, Discover our aba service, a tailored approach to nurturing positive behaviors. Our team is dedicated to understanding and assisting individuals on the autism spectrum.


Speech Therapy

At The Autism Jewel, Our dedicated team focuses on fostering essential communication skills in a supportive and engaging environment. Through play-based interventions

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Occupational Therapy

At The Autism Jewel our dedicated professionals work to develop essential life skills, enhance sensory processing, and promote independence. Through engaging activities and personalized strategies,


Welcome to The Autism Jewel

About us

The Autism Jewel is a family-owned institution that is dedicated to providing high-quality, evidence-based services to children on the Autism spectrum. We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, regardless of their diagnosis. We are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive.

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Since 2019


What clients say about our performance

M Haris

"Joining The Autism jewel was a lifeline for our family—transformative education and unwavering support have empowered our child with autism to thrive

Zara Rashid

As a therapist at The Autism jewel, witnessing the profound impact of dedicated speech and occupational therapy on children with autism is immensely rewarding


"Supporting The Autism jewel is more than a donation; it's an investment in breaking down barriers and fostering acceptance for families touched
by autism

Our Mission

Mission statement for
The Autism Jewel

The Autism Jewel is dedicated to delivering excellence in therapeutic care for children with autism. We are dedicated to offering specialized, evidence-based therapies including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and speech and Occupational therapies, tailored to meet the unique needs of each child we serve.

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